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    industrial production

    Soundproof room installation project

    Project Name: Vibration Test Bench Supporting Soundproof Room Project
    Project content: The near field noise value of the vibration test bench is as high as 105dB(A). According to the customer's requirements, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of the staff, the noise value in the plant is controlled within 80dB(A), which does not affect the normal production process and is convenient for operators. Observation, operation, overhaul, etc., for the vibration test bench with sound insulation room. The sound insulation room is equipped with special sound insulation doors, windows and top pneumatic top opening doors to facilitate personnel access and workpiece lifting operations.
    Project acceptance: After the project is completed, the professional sound level meter instrument is used for testing. The noise value at the position of 1 meter outside the sound insulation room is 78dB (A), and the sound environment quality inside the factory is greatly improved. The customer is very satisfied!
    Project characteristics: The project is combined with the actual situation on the site and processed according to the requirements of the customer. After the project is completed, the noise standard is met.
    Related Specifications: "Code for Design of Noise Control in Industrial Enterprises" (GB/T-50087-2013)